Radio Plays


Radio Plays  

The Confessions

My first radio play, The Confessions, was broadcast on Radio 4, and had good reviews. The cast were excellent, especially John Castle.

‘… a taut, saucy and claustrophobic dynamic between four characters tangled up like fingers in a cat’s cradle. “Yes, it is a bit on the naughty side,” one character said of an artwork he was valuing, “but it’s nicely done.” So, too, was Charlotte Greig’s play, set in the art world and featuring a cheery background of sadomasochistic, masochistic and sadistic relationships. These were all reflected in readings from Rousseau’s Confessions, with its pithy phrases (“dark and dirty labyrinth”) underlining developments between the couples. What distinguished this from many an afternoon play was that you couldn’t guess where it was going: it wasn’t clear until the very end who was going to be the victor in this classily produced and well-performed battle of wills.’ Guardian

Against the Grain

My second radio play is set in rural France and concerns a pig, a truffle hunt, guns, haute cuisine, and a thrilling romance. It draws inspiration from Joris-Karl Huysman’s A Rebours,, a late nineteenth-century tale of decadence, ennui, and art for art’s sake. Mais oui!


2 thoughts on “Radio Plays

  1. Just listened to your play narrated by Mandy Rice Davies – He Would etc. I have a close interest in all things Davies/Keeler as I had written a musical about the 4 amazing years of Christine Keeler from when she left home at 17. I have always thought that of all the characters in the Profumo affair, she was the victim. Profumo was re-rehabilitated, Mandy has become rich and famous, Ward (who I think was at the very least a pervert an social climber and at worst a spy), commits suicide, but is now being given the star treatment by ALW. Ivanov dies of “alcoholic poisoning”. Look at recent pictures of Christine Keeler, so sad and so cruel.
    Let’s put the record straight.

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